The Space Race Challenge is a great opportunity to jump start your career and learn about how to create and run business, while participating in a competitive and deliverable-driven environment.  The Challenge is supported by a startup accelerator designed to provide training and expert mentorship to all participants.   Topics covered include: business strategy, financial planning, and R&D strategy

Accelerator Training

Learn about business planning  and strategy from our world class consulting experts

Expand your Network

Network with participants from various branches and communities of the industry 

support and Mentors

Receive personalized feedback, advice, and guidance from our advisors and mentors

Media Coverage

Receive unprecedented media attention from news outlets, journals, and the Whitehouse

Prizes and funding

Win $2,500 in Prizes and a potential $1.2 Million in startup seed funding

startup a company

Start a new career and join the ranks of the next generation of technology entrepreneurs