Challenge Testimonials

"During this process of participating in the Space Race challenge, we have learned a lot from all our peers and amazing mentors with all of their incredible ideas, knowledge and experience, that they kindly have shared with us. We have received positive feedback and validation that our technology could be used in warehouses, houses, offices, extensive land properties, and even maritime services."

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"This challenge served as a wonderful platform for us to build such an amazing team. Without the Space Race, our group of like minded individuals with the same goals of combating climate change would have never had a chance to collaborate in this way. This allowed us to put our academic and industry skills to real use, and more importantly allowed us to learn even more from one another." Click here to read full blog post

"Some of the highlights from participating in the CAI/NASA competition, that were most memorable, were the webinars. The webinars aided and educated all participants in developing their entrepreneurial skills on a variety of topics. The webinars ranged from engineering Q&As to marketing analysis and business planning, which are presented live (for maximum participation) and recorded to allow for review later. The other key features of the competition for me was learning how to develop and construct a business plan"


"I speak on behalf of my team, when I say we are thankful for the opportunity that NASA and CAI has bestowed upon us. Given the opportunity to put our skills to work and test our mettle on the open market. We will continue to endeavor for bringing affordable SOFCs to various open markets, and becoming a major player in renewable energy production." Click here to read full blog post

"Genetoo was privileged to participate in the NASA-CAI challenge. The CAI-NASA sponsored challenge is an avenue to innovation; it serves as an opportunity to improve business strategy, network with brilliant people, and start a company. As our team progressed to the semi-finals of this challenge, each member was utilized to overcome various trials to reach a new level of success." Click here to read full blog post

"Little had I considered how that same research might enable us to look back toward Earth and apply those technologies to enhance our life here in ways unintended.  The Center for Advancing Innovation’s Space Race inspired a few of us to do just that. The intricacies of commercializing any NASA technology are many and complex.  However challenging navigating this ecosystem was, the Center for Advancing Innovation made it significantly easier by hosting industry leaders to lend their expertise in a broad range of fields." Click here to read full blog post

"Regardless of the final outcome of which team wins the challenge, our team has benefited from process by gaining a new perspective on all the non-technical considerations that need to be addressed when starting a business."  Click here to read full blog post


"Participating in the SPACE RACE challenge was a great experience. We got to learn a lot about business and how to work with a team, create a startup, and create a product." Click here to see video

"Participating in the SPACE RACE challenge was a lot of hard work but has been rewarding. We've learned a lot about starting a business and about creating the relationships that are necessary to make a business work." Click here to see video

"Participating in the Space Race has been an intriguing opportunity. The seminars and teaching materials provided by the Space Race organizers have been incredibly helpful. For the members of our core team who have not been previously exposed to the business world (coming mostly from engineering/academic background) the contest has been a great learning experience." Click here to see full blog post

"The challenge prepares participants for the fast pace of entrepreneurial work. The CAI provides participants with substantial resources that are critical to doing well in the challenge. The webinars are invaluable tool to give you the knowledge and capability to run your own startup company. The knowledge the speakers have to share is of the highest quality. The challenge challenges your will to succeed and ability to build a startup business". Click here to see video

Supporter Testimonials

"Space exploration has resulted in hundreds of everyday products that trace back to NASA innovations.  Now that free market competition is driving space investments, these innovations are happening at a frenzied pace.  If the past is prologue, the winning ideas presented here in the SPACE RACE startup challenge will become the inventions that change our lives." - Steve L. Howard, County Administrator & Project Leader, Spaceport Camden.


"It was a pleasure to help startups in robotics and aerospace industry to find the best way of commercialization of   NASA's Intellectual Properties. It was great to see innovative entrepreneurs from around the world who build companies around NASA's inventions which will improve our lives in the future." - Vit Goncharuk, CEO and Founder, Augmented Pixels. 


"Honored to be part of the Judging for the NASA Space Race, congrats to the winners." - Rob O'Reilly, Senior Sensor Technologist, Analog Devices, Inc.


"NASA thank you for the opportunity to judge SPACE RACE." - Rudy Garza, Founding Partner, G51 Amplify