Space Race Phase 1 Semi-Finalists

Invention #1: KSC-TOPS-6 - A Device for Wire Fault Detection and Rerouting

University of Texas at El Paso - CDS

Texas Tech Health Sciences Center - DMO

Autonomous Univ. Ciudad Juarez - LALC

Invention #2: LEW-TOPS-61 - Lightweight Acoustic Liner to Reduce Noise in Aircraft Engines

Technology Hub - DSG

U Arizona & U Chicago - SS

Carnegie Mellon University - BGS

Invention #4: LAR-TOPS-33 - Lightweight UAV Sensing and Control System

Northern Illinois University - CS

Navajo Technical University - DH


University of Guelph - GDP

University of California, San Diego - CLN

Invention #5: LAR-TOPS-97 / LAR-TOPS-183 - Surface Particle Contamination Mitigation Methods

University of Texas at El Paso - CDS

Johns Hopkins University - CEW

University of Texas at El Paso - DM

Invention #6: KSC-TOPS-24 / KSC-TOPS-25 - Liquid Coating for Corrosion Prevention in Rebar

University of Texas at El Paso - OKB

University of Texas at El Paso - YG

Invention #7: MFS-TOPS-33 - Electrochemically Enhanced Mechanical Polishing (EEMP)

University of Rochester - APR

Invention #8: GSC-TOPS-34 - High-resolution, real-time three-dimensional imaging

University of Southern California - STB

New Mexico State University - AK

University of Alabama - MST

Tech Institute Ciudad Juárez - AOCCH

Invention #9: LAR-TOPS-40 - Kite-like Wind Power Generation Control System

Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT) - CEL

University of Texas at El Paso - CDS

University of Guelph - GDP

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - SCC

Universidad Tecnológica Ciudad Juarez - JFC

Invention #10: GRC-QL-0016 - High-Power Density Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Fabrication Process

New Mexico Tech - PC

Invention #11: TOP2-231 - Compliant Electrode and Composite Materials for Piezoelectric Wind and Mechanical Energy Conversions

U Chicago Booth School of Business - RPF

University of Maryland - ESW

Dominican University of California - KEJ

University of California Los Angeles - KL

Hampton University - OEJ

St. John's - WFK