A Device for Wire Fault Detection and Rerouting

Center:Kennedy Space Center

Category: Electrical and Electronics

Patent: 8,810,255; 8,593,153

Inventor: Pedro J Medelius


NASA Technology Page

Invention Overview:

A device that monitors electronics and data to detect faults within the wire (existing or new wires). It is able to determine both fault type and location. The technology is also able to autonomously transfer electrical power and data to an alternate wire. The device works by sending a test pulse down an active wire. If the pulse is not returned, then the wire is faulty at that location



Component/subsystem validation in laboratory environment. Standalone prototyping implementation and test. Integration of technology elements. Experiments with full-scale problems or data sets.



Commercial applications include home security systems, commercial electrical networks, etc.  Advanced markets include commercial airliners, car manufacturing, and smart buildings.



  • Current handheld detector –developed by same inventor– reduces electrical checks that used to take two persons in 8 hours down to one person in 45 minutes

  • Removes the need for interrupting normal operations and monitors continuously online (while in use) and offline

Invention Disadvantages and Possible Mitigation:

Advanced markets are highly regulated and will take longer time to enter (i.e. FAA approval); consider less regulated markets