Liquid Coating for Corrosion Prevention in Rebar

Center: Kennedy Space Center

Category: Materials and Coatings

Patent: 6,627,065

Inventor: Louis G. MacDowell


NASA Technology Page

Invention Overview:

KSC-TOPS-24 describes a liquid-applied coating technology applied on the outside of a concrete surface for the purpose of stopping the corrosion process of rebars within the concrete. The coating is made of inexpensive ingredients and is easily applied via a brush or spray. The coating works by establishing an electrical current between the metallic particles in the paint and the surface of the steel rebar. That current provides necessary protection from corrosion. Combining with KSC-TOPS-25 provides varied approach using a particle powder that uniformly distributes particles to maximize the electrochemical properties and thus highly enhances anti-corrosive properties



Actual system "mission proven" through successful mission operations (ground or space).  Fully integrated with operational hardware/software systems. Actual system has been thoroughly demonstrated and tested in its operational environment. All documentation completed. Successful operational experience. Sustaining engineering support in place.



Used for all construction involving concrete reinforced with rebar i.e. bridges, buildings, tunnels, supports, etc.



  • Combination with KSC-TOPS-25 will allow this coating to become more effective – more evenly distributing the surface of the spray
  • Low cost and ease of production allow it to compete better than other anti-corrosion products on the market
  • Currently no potential additional fields of use for which this technology is not being applied

Invention Disadvantages and Possible Mitigation:

Because of existing competition, this technology will need to find a way to become more effective (via KSC-TOPS-25) or find other fields of use that could benefit


Potential Technology Bundling:

Proposed bundling with KSC-TOPS-25: Powder Particles for Corrosion Prevention in Rebar