Electrical and Electronics

#1: KSC-TOPS-6

A Device for Wire Fault Detection and Rerouting

Overview: Self-monitoring electronics that can detect and diagnose wire faults, determine fault location, and autonomously transfer electrical power or data connectivity to an alternate wire path. Learn More


#2: LEW-TOPS-61

Lightweight Acoustic Liner to Reduce Noise in Aircraft Engines

Overview: A ceramic composite (CMC) acoustic liner for aircraft engines that offers increased noise reduction with a lighter, more compact, and heat resistant design. Learn More

#3: KSC-TOPS-7

RASSOR Robotic Excavator

Overview: Rugged, lightweight, small autonomous robot excavator used in sites such as high-risk mining, search and rescue as well as disaster response applications. Learn More

#4: LAR-TOPS-33

Lightweight UAV Sensing and Control System

Overview: A Lightweight UAV sensing and control system able to be fitted for drones and nano-drones reaching one pound or less and/or <6-inch wingspans, allowing for long flight segments due to its power-saving capabilities. Learn More

#5: LAR-TOPS-97 / LAR-TOPS-183

Surface Particle Contamination Mitigation Methods

Overview: Novel use of laser surface pattering and chemical film coatings to create surfaces resistant to water, dust, organic growth, and other surface contaminants. Note: Suggested technology bundling with LAR-TOPS-183 Learn More

#6: KSC-TOPS-24 / KSC-TOPS-25

Liquid Coating for Corrosion Prevention in Rebar

Overview: Liquid and micro-particle powder coating applied on the surface of reinforced concrete for corrosion prevention and structural integrity in steel rebars. Note: Suggested technology bundling with KSC-TOPS-25 Learn More



#7: MFS-TOPS-33

Electrochemically Enhanced Mechanical Polishing (EEMP)

Overview: Cost effective method for high precision polishing to shape optical surfaces by employing an electrochemical and mechanical shaping / polishing method. Learn More


#8: GSC-TOPS-34

High-resolution, real-time three-dimensional imaging 

Overview: A 3D imaging laser system that uses a simple lens system to simultaneously generate a one-dimensional or two-dimensional array of optical (light) spots to illuminate an object, surface or image to generate a topographic profile. Learn More

Power Generation and Storage

#9: LAR-TOPS-40

Kite-like Wind Power Generation Control System

Overview: Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) vehicles use the wind to generate power at higher altitudes; this invention maximizes and optimizes AWE power generation.  Note: Suggested technology bundling with TOP2-231 Learn More

Power Generation and Storage

#10: GRC-QL-0016

High-Power Density Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Fabrication Process

Overview: A solid oxide fuel cell capable of power densities 5X of a normal power cell due to a unique fabrication process utilizing a freeze-tape casting method. Learn More

Power Generation and Storage

#11: TOP2-231

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Technology

Overview:  A system for improving the performance and increasing the lifespan of piezoelectric devices capable of interacting with the wind to provide power to wearable devices and stretchable electronics. Learn More