RA Tech To Pursue Patent For Electrochemically Enhanced Mechanical Polishing (EEMP)

With a focus on the Opthalmic Industry and R&D.

November 1, 2016

RA Tech is pursuing the patent rights for the technology, called Electrochemically Enhanced

Mechanical Polishing or EEMP for short (Patent MFS-TOPS-33). Our team possess talent in

both the technical and entrepreneurial aspects needed to start and run a successful start-up. Our

CEO Adalberto Perez has a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s of

Science in Technical Entrepreneurship and Management. Di Xu, our CTO, holds a Bachelor of

Engineering in Optoelectronic Information Engineering and a Master’s of Science in Optics with

Certified Specialty in Optical Design, Fabrication and Testing. She is currently pursuing her PhD

degree in optical engineering focused on the design and testing of freeform optical surfaces.

Daniel K. Nikolov, our R&D Lead, has a Master’s of Science in Optics and is currently working

towards his PhD with a focus on optical design as applied to the design and manufacturing of

near-eye displays. Jonah Burstein, our CFO/COO is pursuing his Bachelors of Science in

Business with a focus in Entrepreneurship and has experience working in a startup environment

prior to joining the team. 


RA Tech Insight - Core Team


RA Tech Insight - Advisory Board

Our advisory board includes many members who have many years of experience and are experts in the fields of optical manufacturing, metrology, and optics. Over the course of their careers, our advisers have collectively raised over $50 Million for startup businesses. In addition, a number of our key advisers serve as Co-Chairs for the Western New York Regional Economic Development Initiative, which is focusing on expanding advanced manufacturing in the region. Our current goal is to initially focus on the finishing of molds for the ophthalmic industry. We will be spending our initial two years in research and development stage to mature the equipment

necessary for mold finishing and to obtain critical removal rate data to expand the technology to encompass a diverse surface shape portfolio.


RA Tech Insight - SPACE RACE

Participating in the Space Race has been an intriguing opportunity. Our team is very excited to work on EEMP and we are looking forward to evaluate the capabilities and the limits of the technology. The seminars and teaching materials provided by the Space Race organizers have been incredibly helpful. For the members of our core team who have not been previously exposed to the business world (coming mostly from engineering/academic background) the contest has been a great learning experience.