Free Electron Designs Plans To Be The Answer For Those That Don't Have Access To Electricity

By using NASA IP called Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC).

November 1, 2016

Hello, my name is Phillip Clift and I am the team leader for the start-up company Free Electron Designs. Our team members range from engineers to entrepreneurs alike, with years of experience under their belts. With members such as: Aaron Goodman, a PhD student from the University of Princeton; Dr. Mousavi from NMIMT, a scientist specializing in NEMS/MEMS;  and Dr. Alberto Correa a Ph.D. scientist and seasoned entrepreneur. 


As a startup, we are planning to be the answer for those that don't have access to electricity by using a NASA IP called Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). The NASA patent will not only cover an economical mass production method of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC), but also protect other means and materials to allow for future modifications and improvements of the SOFC systems and processing. With a massive energy density in each unit, the system can be designed to be as compact as a small bedroom closet but powerful enough to provide electricity and heated water to 10 rural homes. They can also be modular and scalable to fit the needs of our consumers and work 24/7, unlike solar or wind energy harvesters. Our projection is to enter the "share of the market" of approximately $2.4 Billion USD which is 2% of the "serviceable available market". With this novel process we can cut manufacturing costs from $700 per kW stacks to approximately $400 per kW stacks. Our main competitors, who are also new in the SOFC market, will be General Electric and Bloom Energy; whom we will undercut, in terms of price, with our low cost manufacturing method of SOFCs. In order to develop the start-up company, our team had to hone in and develop entrepreneurial skills necessary to develop a company which is where the NASA/CAI incubation stages comes into effect. 

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