The 5 M.I.T. Masters With A Common Passion

Discover that shared passion and more about the team behind ElectroKite.

November 1, 2016

Hello World!!!


We are ElectroKite. We are five MIT Master’s students in the System Design and Management program with a shared passion to combat climate change.


A recent article in the New Republic stated that we are currently at war with climate change, the article argued that the only way to win this war is to mobilize everyone like we did during WWII. Our team feels that the best weapons we have in our arsenal is renewable energy.


While wind and solar energy benefit from economies of scale, places with abundant wind resources cannot produce distributed wind power similar to solar since current wind farms only make sense at utility scale. Our proposal is to utilize NASA’s vision control system to build a modular wind system that can be used to serve mush smaller needs at an economical cost.

We presented our idea at the MIT Energy Night. Our poster generated a ton of interest amongst the visitors and other presenters alike.


 We hope to be back soon with more updates!!! 

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