The Challenges of The Challenge

And how teamwork, ideas, continual learning, and knowledge from SPACE RACE mentors helped them achieve their vision.

November 1, 2016

During this process of participating in the Space Race challenge, we have learned a lot from all our peers and amazing mentors with all of their incredible ideas, knowledge and experience, that they kindly have shared with us; but there were also some tough challenges, like thinking and coming up with new ways to solve the problems that an activity that has been done in an inefficient manner for decades has, while also being centered and realistic about the possible solutions. Furthermore, another challenge comes when having to prove the factibility of the project, looking for the best people to fit into the company, and finally, translating all of that into a real business plan and opportunity to make all our hard work a reality, while having the hope of receiving this amazing opportunity to use NASA patents that could instrumentally boost our objectives for this company. We have received positive feedback and validation that our technology could be used in warehouses, houses, offices, extensive land properties, and even maritime services.

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