EDroneS - Video Blog

And we are using artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to do it.




EDroneS - Team

And discover more about the faces behind EDroneS.




EDroneS - Testimonial

And how teamwork, ideas, continual learning and knowledge from Space Race mentors helped achieve their vision.




ElectroKite - Blog

ElectroKite on their biggest company challenge, and how they overcame.

ElectroKite - Blog

Discover that shared passion and more about the team behind ElectroKite.

ElectroKite - Testimonial

For the team at ElectroKite to effectively launch their new company.

Free Electron Designs - Blog

By using NASA IP called Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC).




Free Electron Designs - Testimonial

And how the highlights and challenges of the Space Race helped them get closer.



Genetoo - Blog

Learn more about Genetoo's star-like birthing process during the Space Race challenge.

Genetoo - Blog

Able to revolutionize the healthcare system and reduce skyrocketing medical costs.

Genetoo - Blog

In  healthcare prosthetic market.

Jakuta - Blog

To improve the lives of millions of people with limited access to energy.

Joule - Blog 

To develop a battery-free wearable product with enhanced analytical and sensory capabilities that will transform...



Maverick Drones - Blog

With plans to use it to improve science and math education in America.

Maverick Drones - Team

That is well suited to execute their strategy.

Maverick Drones - Testimonial

Including direct and indirect market research, market analysis, sales projections, cost estimates, financial modeling, fundraising, accounting and more.

Minus Tau - Video Blog

In turn, reducing probability of the development of Dementia, Alzheimers, and Parkinsons Disease.

Native Coatings - Video

An exclusive in depth look at the mission, challenges, and highlights of Native Coatings and their participation in the Space Race.

RA Tech - Blog

With a focus on the Opthalmic Industry and R&D.

Stratodynamics - Video

About the Stratodynamics Space Race experience, highlights, challenges, goals, and unique approach.

Tellus - Video/Testimonial

It is a challenge for those who think outside of the box and have the drive to take risks.